"Let's Talk Education! The socio-professional integration of young single mothers in Madagascar".

Being a young single mother in Madagascar involves a multitude of challenges and a daily struggle to ensure a better future for her children. These women face many obstacles, linked to their young age, their marital status, their heavy parental responsibilities, their limited level of education and their precarious, low-income jobs. To counter these difficulties, Action Education has set up the Sandratra project, which aims to facilitate the socio-professional integration of young single mothers in Madagascar through education, training and personalised support programmes. The Sandratra projectin collaboration with the urban municipality of Antananarivo and solidarité laïque, provides crucial support and opportunities for professional development and social integration. It helps single mothers to rebuild their lives and create a better future for themselves and their children.

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Hosted by Anouk DANCERT-VEROT, Coordinator of the France-Europe volunteer network within our association, This fourth edition of "Parlons éducation! was an opportunity for Zo Tantely Ny Aina TARAFINANDRIANINA and Mbolamamy RARIVOARIJAONA, Coordinators of the Laboratoires d'Innovation Sociale (LABIS) of the Commune Urbaine d'Antananarivo, to present the challenges faced by young people, in particular young single mothers in Madagascar, and the role of LABIS in meeting them. They were accompanied by Naharisoa Feno RANDRIARIMANANA, Head of the SANDRATRA project, and Julie Rachel RAMILIJAONA, Head of Digital Education and Dynamic LABIS, who presented the project's various approaches, their impact and the next stages of the project. 


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