COVID 19: Update on our activities as of May 9
10 May 2020

To protect the vulnerable populations that we support on a daily basis, our teams are doing everything to provide an emergency response to the Coronavirus crisis. Each week, follow the evolution of our activities in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Here is the update on our various interventions as of May 9, 2020.

Wherever possible, Aide et Action mobilizes all its human and material resources to develop its projects in favor of the most vulnerable populations. Educating communities on prevention measures and providing them with basic support is our priority. In addition to the activities detailed in our special report, here are the latest developments:


In India, since the start of the crisis, Aide et Action has supported migrant workers who are particularly vulnerable. After emergency food relief and advocacy work to defend their rights, our teams now offer to support them on a daily basis, transforming 19 of our vocational training centers into resource and information centers. These spaces where migrants will be listened to, counseled and guided, will among other things facilitate their access to services that can be useful and beneficial to them.
In addition, to fight the pandemic, our iLEAD teams have already provided emergency support to 95,000 affected people and distributed 125,000 protective masks sewn as part of our professional training program in India and Sri Lanka.


In Vietnam, after 3 months of closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic, schools are reopening. We are delighted that the children can finally return to the path of education, with caution!
In Lao, in order to respond to the health crisis, our teams are working with local authorities to provide vulnerable populations with disinfectant, masks and educational posters to help prevent the spread of the virus. This activity concerns 19 villages in the province of Vientiane, as well as the province of Odomxay. A total of 81 bottles of hand sanitizer, 2,550 masks and 400 educational posters were distributed. To promote continued access to education Aide et Action has also submitted an updated version of its digital learning application to the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports, awaiting approval. Finally, to prepare children and teachers for returning to school, we are also planning training sessions for teachers, with increased emphasis on hygiene education in schools.


Despite the growing number of Coronavirus cases in Africa, many countries are about to lift the lockdown and reopen their schools. Faced with this situation Aide et Action is concerned for the health of students and education professionals and offers alternative solutions.
In Togo, our teams are currently carrying out information and prevention activities in 11 villages across the country. This awareness is practiced “door to door”, in order to be able to reach all families. This initiative is seen as essential by communities that are sorely lacking in information about the disease and the means to protect themselves from it.


In France, an emergency fundraising campaign was set up to support our activities on the field.

To implement all these urgent actions and to best adapt our projects to this emergency situation, we need our most loyal support more than ever to help us!

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