Aide et Action launches "iWay", a digital literacy platform

credit: Aide et Action South Asia

In the current health context, the use of digital technologies has become more widespread. In April 2020, Aide et Action launched the iDream Learning App, a distance learning application for marginalized children. It aims to provide uninterrupted access to comprehensive and relevant educational content, despite the closure of schools. On August 15, Aide et Action launched the "iWay" e-learning platform. Aimed at the most disadvantaged communities, especially those living in rural areas, it was designed to promote access to and use of digital tools. 

Is digital access a necessity?

A few days ago, our teams in India launched 'iWay', an online training platform that enables individuals to acquire and develop their digital skills. Aishwarya Mahajan, Programme Director The iLEAD skills development programme believes that: " Digital technology is currently indispensable in India, where technology is used for a wide range of services, including education, health, communication, e-commerce, etc. Through iWay, individuals can learn how to use a computer effectively, send and receive emails on the Internet, navigate a website, use a smartphone, interact on social media, etc. ." 

Registration is done from a digital device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. The platform is free and available in two languages: English and Hindi. It consists of 9 modules including an introduction to e-commerce and videos that raise awareness of cybersecurity issues. Each step is evaluated and at the end of the training, a certification is issued.

Towards digital literacy

At the official launch of the platform, in the virtual presence of partners, local authorities and Aide et Action teams, Sajeev P Balan, Director of Programmes in India, reminded us of the importance of access to technology in times of pandemic, when physical and direct communication is a challenge.  

Indeed, most of the people we support live in remote areas and do not have access to the necessary resources and infrastructure. With the launch of "iWay", Aide et Action is committed to promoting digital literacy in order to reduce inequalities in society.

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