Become a volunteer non-violence educator for Aide et Action

Aide et Action and MAN (Mouvement pour une Alternative Non-violente) have joined forces to carry out the action "Becoming an actor for peace".

We are looking for volunteers to lead 6 sessions of a non-violence education cycle in 2 primary schools (Paris 19 and Saint-Denis) with CM1-CM2 pupils. The aim is to develop the ability to communicate in a non-violent manner and to manage conflicts in everyday life.

Motivations required for this assignment

You wish to :
- become an actor for peace.
- participate in a collective project for education for non-violence.
- Volunteer to lead peace education sessions for 5th and 6th grade students in pairs.

You can make yourself available during the week, for half a day per month, starting in November 2020.
You are available for an evening and/or weekend training in October 2020.

More info :
[email protected] - 01 55 25 70 20

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