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For more than 40 years, Action Education (formerly Aide et Action), an international association for development through education, has been ensuring access to quality education for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations, especially children, girls and women, so that they can all control their own development and contribute to a more peaceful and sustainable world.

We promote lifelong learning because access to quality education helps to fight poverty and disease, limit climate change and build peace in a sustainable world. We focus on early childhood care and education, access to and quality of education at primary and secondary levels, as well as vocational training and social inclusion.


Based on the values of dignity, inclusion and integrity, as well as on the principles of transparency, accountability and solidarity, and thanks to the support of our donors, we are currently running 91 projects in 20 countries (in Africa, Asia, Haiti, Europe) for almost 1.5 million children, young people and adults.

Our work in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Action Education is an association free of any political or religious attachment. It has been based in Geneva since 1999 and has been an association under Swiss law since 2002.

  • To make the general public aware of the realities in the field, the challenges inherent in development through education and the educational problems faced by the populations we support. To this end, the association organises, leads and participates in the life of associations in French-speaking Switzerland during events such as: Round Tables, Race For Gift, Education Festival, International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Sustainable Development Festival, CAGI, North/South Festival.
Yellow balloon with inscription I'm on the move for education
Yellow balloon with inscription I'm on the move for education


  • Coordinating our projects with the teams in the countries where we are present. This coordination consists, among other things, of exchanging good practices, strengthening skills, collaborating and monitoring partnerships.
  • To network and participate in various thematic, philanthropic and economic networks in order to bring our expertise in education. Thus, Action Education participates and actively contributes to the trainings, workshops and publications of the Swiss Network for Education and International Cooperation, the Education Network of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Education 21, Medicus Mundi Switzerland, the International Association of Students in Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Geneva (AIESEC).

They support us

Fighting the battle for education for all alone is futile.

The strength of Action Education's projects lies in combining our expertise with that of our financial and operational partners, in association with public institutions and the populations concerned.

Action Education's many successes show how much their commitment counts and makes a difference. It is thanks to them and their financial support that we are able to act.

Today more than ever, Action Education is mobilised to pursue its mission. Together, we will meet the challenges successfully.

 If you are a company, a foundation, a public organisation or an association and would like to become one of our partners and commit yourself to education, please contact us on 022 716 52 10 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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