Aide et Action supports young single mothers in Madagascar

Photo credit: Jocelyne Rakotondrazafy/Aide et Action

Through a training and socio-professional integration project, Aide et Action supports young single mothers in the disadvantaged urban areas of Antananarivo, Madagascar. In three years, 900 girl-mothers aged between 15 and 29 should acquire the skills necessary for their development.

This Monday 7 December 2020 marks the official signing of our Sandratra project in Madagascar. Developed with the support of the French Development Agency and in partnership with Solidarité Laïque, this project will provide training and socio-professional integration for young single mothers in the capital's disadvantaged urban neighbourhoods.

32% of girls aged 15-19 have at least one child

In Madagascar, a large number of young girls become mothers at a very young age (32% of girls aged 15 to 19 have at least one child). Frequently stigmatised and rejected by society because of their low level of education, they find themselves destitute, without psychological or financial support.

I had to interrupt my studies in the 3rd grade.è because of my accidental pregnancy. After giving birth, I had to endure the mockery and reproach of my family members, says Juliana, 20, a single mother of a 3-year-old boy, Joey, who lives in the Ankaditapaka Avaratra neighbourhood in the 3rd district of the city.è district of the capital. I was not given any money on the pretext that it was my fault that I got pregnant and had a child without a husband... At that time, I did not leave the house because I was ashamed of my situation. Since then I have been doing people's laundry, day by day, to support myself and my son. Of course, I would like to work and improve my current situation, but to this day I don't see how to do that... ."

Mentoring services and assertiveness activities

To achieve its objective, the project will provide each beneficiary with mentoring and project monitoring services, psychosocial support with a special focus on gender-based violence, activities to strengthen socialisation, self-assertion and personal development, and support for vocational training and professional integration. 

The project will also address the patriarchal society at large and will implement awareness-raising activities on early parenthood in the neighbourhoods, especially with regard to men and teenagers, as well as campaigns to enhance the image and representation of young mothers. In three years, 900 young single mothers, aged between 15 and 29, should acquire the skills necessary for their development.

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