In Burkina Faso, latrines installed in schools to improve the lives and education of pupils

6 April 2021

Among the 20 schools covered by our electrification project in Burkina Faso, some did not have latrines. Therefore, in addition to solar lighting, 5 schools were equipped with modern latrines to address hygiene and sanitation issues and reduce the risk of disease. Thus, living and learning conditions are improved for all!

Until now, the schools of Kirabouto, Thiaossan, Pien, Tambao and Panassin in the commune of Cassou, Burkina Faso, did not have latrines. Far from being anecdotal, this lack of adequate infrastructure has serious consequences on the lives of pupils and the community. Indeed, Having access to toilets at school is more than a comfort, it is a necessity to avoid water pollution, fight against diseases and combat school drop-out. The provision of adapted toilets in schools also allows students to follow a normal schooling, without discrimination and gender inequalities.

Gender and inclusion issues

It is for all these reasons that Aide et Action decided to act in 5 schools among the 20 currently covered by our project. Enlightened School, Resource Centre for Quality Education (EECREQ) "This project, co-funded by theFrench Development Agency (AFD). The provisional reception of the latrine blocks took place on 26 February, in the presence of the Secretary General of the Cassou Town Hall, school directors and leaders of the Parents' Associations.

These modern latrines take into account the gender and inclusion issues They are separated into four sections: girls, boys, teachers and people with disabilities. For all the pupils and teachers in these schools, the new buildings are a real relief. " The EECREQ project, through the construction of latrines, provides a salutary solution. The school compound will no longer be an open-air toiletsays Thomas BAMOUNI, headmaster of the Pien school. Before the latrines were built, only the trees or the grass could hide the pupils who wanted to relieve themselves. For the girls, especially those in the fifth grade, it was an ordeal. So some of them had to go back home if they needed to, even if they had to be late for class. 

A hygiene, sanitation and health issue

In addition to the conveniences that latrines offer to pupils and teachers, they meet a need for hygiene, sanitation and therefore health. By relieving themselves in the school area, without hand-washing facilities, pupils were exposed to many infections. Today, latrines are accompanied by a hand-washing facility. The use and maintenance of the latrines also contribute to health education, which is an additional added value of the project.

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