Capitalising on the experience of bridging classes in Niger

Photo credit: GREF

Between 2017 and 2021, the PassEduc project has experimented with the implementation of "bridge classes". for out-of-school children aged 9 to 14 in the Niger. These non-formal classes offer accelerated education in one or two years before children are reintegrated into the formal school system (in primary school, secondary school, or vocational training centres).

The project experience was documented in 2 capitalization booklets for all actors interested in setting up bridging classes: 

  1. The process of setting up and running bridging classes : This booklet presents the lessons learned and good practices from the project concerning the process of setting up and running the classes (social mobilisation, recruitment and training of facilitators, monitoring of learners, integration of the class into the school, etc.).
  2. Facilitating learning in bridging classes : This booklet presents a selection of teaching tools and approaches adapted to bridging classes and which can be used as resources for training the leaders of these classes

The PassEduc project and the capitalization work are the result of a partnership between Aide et Action, GREF, ONEN, RECAC, the services of the General Directorate of Literacy and Non-Formal Education of Niger, and the Strømme Foundation. The project received financial support from the French Development Agency.

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