Aide et Action Magazine n°162: Women's education, our priority

22 March 2022
Women are born free and equal according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Yet women are still one of the most discriminated against populations in the world. Many of them have no other way than silence, resignation and servitude.
In the face of such human tragedies, Aide et Action is launching, for the first time in its history, a movement entirely dedicated to education Education for Women Now', so that no woman is ever again denied her rights, her agency and her freedom.
  • Edito. "Education changes the world, especially for women" by Jean-Pierre Pichaut, President of Aide et Action France
  • News. COVID-19: One disaster hides another; Cambodia - Testimonial: "School closures have had a huge impact on children's development and progress"; India - Publication: COVID-19: Disastrous consequences for the most vulnerable; India - COVID-19: Women as agents of change for education
  • Wide Angle. Women's education is our priority
  • In the world. Burkina Faso: Training to be autonomous; Madagascar: Psychosocial support for young mothers; India: Support courses to stay in school; Laos: Women on the road to entrepreneurship
  • Opinions. Presidential election 2022: NGOs mobilized; Aide et Action joins the National Human Rights Collective Romeurope
  • Citizen mobilisation. Fight against illiteracy, here and there; Exchange with Aide et Action actors in the field
  • Act with us. Let's support women's education now!
  • In brief. Aide et Action is committed to the protection of children and vulnerable populations
  • Witness report. Arina BZHINAEV, Head of International Philanthropy at Aide et Action "I was shocked by the fate of the girls but especially by their determination to change things".

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