Media libraries for schools in Burkina Faso

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Action Education is currently conducting an experiment to provide digital media libraries as part of its EECREQ project in Burkina Faso. An update on the first results.

Digital media libraries

The project "Enlightened School Resource Centre for Quality Education" (EECREQ) is implemented in Benin and Burkina Faso, in partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD). It aims to improve access to quality education in 120 schools. The main actions consist of electrifying the beneficiary schools and distributing solar lamps to pupils so that they can do their homework at home after dark. Some schools have also been equipped with computers and teaching materials. 

Within the framework of this project, an experiment has just been launched with the provision of digital media libraries. In concrete terms, these media libraries each include a server, a portable video projector and tablets. The server can host up to 200 GB of educational and cultural content (encyclopaedias, dictionaries, books, films, video lessons, homework books, etc.). Up to 20 terminals (PCs, tablets and smartphones) can be connected to each server simultaneously via Wi-Fi. In addition to this pre-installed content, each school can add its own content.

Education and awareness

The experimentation recently started in the primary school of the village of Bro-Silapoa in the commune of Cassou (Ziro province). Films were shown to raise awareness among parents about girls' schooling, domestic violence and the rights and duties of the child. Mr Fataf Zoré, the school's director, who has been trained in the use of the digital media library, says: "It is a wonderful tool that allows lessons to be projected in class, which makes it easier for the pupils to understand. I have noticed a better participation in the lessons and a great enthusiasm from the students. The tool has also been used in the village for awareness-raising screenings. Following the results of the experiment, the concept of digital media libraries could be extended to other schools.


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