Aide et Action organises a series of webinars for the Educational Coherence Day

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Each year, Aide et Action organizes a " Journea of Educational Coherence". in partnership with the educational actors of the Val-d'Oise. This year, due to the health crisis, the day is replaced by a series of webinars that will be held throughout the school year on the following central theme "Health crisis: between educational continuities and pedagogical innovations".

What is Educational Coherence?

Educational Coherence is an annual study day which aims to cross the views on a given theme, to reflect on the complementarities between educational actors in the Val-d'Oise, as well as to share and pool the experiences of each. This day is hosted by the Maison Départementale de l'Education du Val-d'Oise and the steering committee is led by Aide et Action. 8 days have already been organised:

  • 2012: What educational complementarities and coherences in a territory?
  • 2013 : (R)accrochage scolaire : quels enjeux ?
  • 2014: School climate: all concerned!
  • 2015: Building an educational community for living together
  • 2016: Social networks: 1TP4SameSafe!
  • 2017: Critical thinking: still here!
  • 2018: Beneath the demands, benevolence!
  • 2019 : The education community and vulnerabilities

Who is part of Educational Coherence?

To date, the dynamic brings together 15 educational actors Various organisations working in the Val-d'Oise: Canopé Val-d'Oise, DSDEN du Val-d'Oise, Aide et Action, Afavo, AFEV 95, Cahiers pédagogiques, CIJ 95, Clémi Versailles, École de la 2e chance 95, École et Famille, FCPE 95, Francas 95, Ligue de l'enseignement 95, MGEN, Pôle de ressources Ville et développement du Val-d'Oise.

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