Press release - Presidential candidates: make ambitious commitments to education in the world!

4 April 2022

Photo credit: Christine Redmond

With the French presidential elections less than a week away and millions of children and young people still denied their right to education around the world, the Education Coalitionof which Aide et Action is a leader, is launching a campaign to ask candidates to take action on the issue. ambitious commitments for global education.

The multiple crises, linked to conflicts, forced displacements, natural disasters, pandemics, etc., as well as social fractures and the explosion of inequalities, are dangerously challenging the little progress that has been made so far in achieving theThe Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4), i.e. "To ensure that all people have access to quality education with equity and to promote lifelong learning opportunitiesby 2030.

Currently, worldwide, more than 870 million studentsThe schooling of children at all levels is disrupted. More than 24 million children, including 11 million girlsThese children may never return to school, partly because of the rise in poverty associated with the advent of COVID-19. They will be added to the 258 million children and adolescents who were already out of school before the pandemic. Yet, while the economic and social consequences of the global health crisis are dramatic, the impact of the pandemic on children is not, UNESCO warns that international aid to education could fall by 12% by 2022.

Given the urgency of the educational situation in the world, the Education Coalition asks the future President of France to make education a priority of the future French international cooperation and solidarity policy and to make ambitious commitments to achieve the MDG4 and education for all. For example, guaranteeing secondary education for all children and young people would allow us to get out of the 420 million people out of povertyThis will reduce the overall number of economically disadvantaged and vulnerable people by more than half.

In its campaign designed in partnership with the agency notchupThrough targeted messages addressed to each candidate in the 2022 French presidential election and based on their campaign slogans, the Education Coalition recalls that access to quality education for all is essential to ensure human and economic development, achieve equality, particularly gender equality, fight against poverty, prevent the risks of conflict and instability and limit the impact of climate change.

Without education, the future of millions of children, young people and adults will be compromised and no sustainable global development will be possible, including in France.

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