Publication of the booklet of the Cohérence éducative on its 10 years of experience in the Val d'Oise

Action Education (formerly Aide et Action) has been running a programme for 10 years, Educational coherence 95. A space that allows the actors of theeducation (National Education, associations, local authorities, families) to meet, exchange and reflect on how to better articulate their respective interventions. Discover this booklet which retraces this experience and draws lessons from it.

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This booklet is the fruit of the joint work but also the synthesis of the educational experiences of several organisations, namely AFAVO, AFEV 95, Atelier Canopé 95, CASNAV de l'Académie de Versailles, Centre Information Jeunesse Val-d'Oise, Clémi Versailles, CRAP-Cahiers pédagogiques, Ecole de la 2 e Chance 95, Association Ecole et Famille, FCPE 95, Les Francas95, GFEN, La ligue de l'enseignement 95, MGEN, Pôle Ressources Ville et développement social, Sauvegarde du Val-d'Oise

What will you find in this booklet?

  • The framework and approaches that have been developed to facilitate exchanges between stakeholders
  • The effects that participation has had on the actors involved
  • Lessons on the conditions and success factors of a multi-stakeholder consultation process

Who is it for?

This booklet is intended for anyone who leads, wishes to initiate or participates in a consultation process. It bears witness to the experience of a group composed mainly of professionals in the field ofeducationIt can also serve as an inspiration for other types of consultation: within the national education system, with non-professionals (parents, volunteers, young people) or in fields other than education.

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