Inclusive and child-friendly pre-school and primary school environments




Although Laos has achieved the goal of almost complete primary school enrolment, primary school completion rates remain low. Drop-out rates in the first grade are as high as 10.2 % in some parts of the country. Children from ethnic minorities living in poor rural areas are disproportionately affected and have the poorest learning outcomes. Within these communities, language barriers are a serious obstacle to learning, as the Lao language remains the official language of instruction. At the same time, the country lacks infrastructure, equipment and dedicated staff for pre-primary education. Action Education has therefore focused on access and quality of education in order to improve primary and pre-primary education.

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Laos: |2019 À 2024| Access to and quality of education and health education

Provinces of Vientiane and Oudomxay

The aim of the project

In communities that are poor, remote and do not speak Lao, there are often not enough school facilities and staff to guarantee pre-school and primary education. At the same time, many children suffer from malnutrition and stunted growth, which makes learning even more difficult. The project therefore aims to improve the quality of the school environment (pre-school and primary) and make it inclusive and child-friendly. The project promotes an integrated approach that aims to improve school readiness, children's health and the development of pre-school and primary school children, specifically targeting ethnic and marginalised children.

Lao 008 and Lao 012 Jakprae school village 4Credit photo Prasith Chin

What we did

Key figures

  • 26 schools in Vientiane and Oudomxay province have had their water, sanitation and hygiene systems improved
  • School toilets, classrooms and roofs have been renovated
  • Supply of teaching and learning materials and sports equipment for 4 schools
  • 962 pupils, including 364 girls, had access to school meals in 13 schools
  • 82 school headmasters, including 26 women, took part in training sessions for 30 target schools in Vientiane and Oudomxay on good leadership and management practices
  • 70 students, including 33 girls, received grants to pay school fees
  • 2 primary classrooms at the Baenglouang school in Oudomxay province built to accommodate 168 children, including 76 girls
  • 17 volunteer teachers received a monthly allowance for eight months
  • Installation of two playgrounds in pre-primary schools for almost 110 children, including 40 girls
  • 1 campaign on basic health care for children, hygiene, safety, food selection and meal preparation conducted in collaboration with the Provincial Education and Sport Services (PESS), the District Education and Sport Office (DESB) and the Provincial Health Department

schools have had their water, sanitation and hygiene systems improved

including 364 girls, had access to school meals in 13 schools

Our partners


URF . Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF)   . Migros . Canton of Geneva .  Research Institute for Education (RIES)

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