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In Bulgaria, a large number of people living in insecure housing, particularly women and young people, face a great deal of discrimination and suffer from restricted access to social, educational and health services and to economic and professional opportunities.

Their very poor living conditions and lack of basic comforts, administrative barriers, language barriers and stigma are all obstacles to their access to rights. The isolated district of Nadejda, where 18,000 to 20,000 people live according to a Médecins du Monde census, located on the outskirts of the town of Sliven, is particularly disadvantaged.

Many people, particularly the women and young people of Nadejda, feel "totally abandoned" by the public authorities, with no knowledge of prevention measures and no health support.

With this in mind, Médecins du Monde and Action Education are running a project aimed at mobilising and empowering young people and women living in precarious housing in Nadejda, enabling them to improve their access to rights (health, education, professional integration) and to develop projects to address their problems.

To support this project :

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 Ville of Sliven - Nadezhda district

The aim of the project

To give young people (aged 9-18) and the women of Nadejda the opportunity to mobilise and take collective action on individual and/or collective issues in order to :


  • To improve the ability of young people and women to organise themselves and act collectively on educational, health and other issues, defined and proposed by them. 
  • Supporting young people and women to enable them to define and implement their projects. 
  • Improve the ability of young people and women to defend their rights, conduct advocacy and build local partnerships.
Power Bulgaria

What we did

  • Information sessions have been organised with women (access to medical examinations - 500 women per year)
  • Meetings with young people were organised to co-construct the artistic workshops.
  • An activity centre has been opened in Nadejda; 7,000 children/young people a year take part in the workshops on offer.
  • Children and young people took part in MAG junior 22
  • Children and young people took part in beautifying their neighbourhood (murals)
  • Children and young people were offered a range of fun and artistic activities

Our partners

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